Content Moderator Dashboard NEW!


As a Confluence administrator, you may want a dashboard where you can see all activity that happens on your instance in one convenient location. Confluence provides a dashboard but what if you needed something with a little more power? Something that shows more information, and customized to your preferences? This example is an all-in-one complete one-stop solution using Reporting, Scaffolding, and Linking.

Talent Department - Documents & Resources


A showcase of types of pathways you can create to make the most out of your valuable contents in Confluence.

Cafe Rockettoria - New Branch Project Management


An example project management space using Scaffolding templates and forms, as well as building reports and dashboards for project managers.  

ACME Corp - IT Knowledge Base


An example of a knowledge base suite, providing users an easy way to create KB articles, categorize and make changes to multiple pages at once using Scaffolding's Live Templates and forms.

Shared Credentials NEW!


An example of a Secrets Manager for Confluence administrators that compiles "secrets" such as passwords, sensitive data, and other confidential information stored by users in Confluence using Scaffolding, Reporting, and Security and Encryption.

Scaffolding Forms & Templates

See various examples in creating basic and advanced forms, using various field types like plain text, rich text, number, date, select list and more. Take a look at how Live Templates is used. All pages are live examples found in Scaffolding documentation.

Easy Dynamic Templates

Whether you are a user who needs a quick one-time solution, or an administrator who wants to set up multiple different document solutions, Scaffolding’s Easy Dynamic Templates help make the job faster and easier. Do try these out for yourself here at our DEMO site.

SCORM Learning for Confluence NEW!

Some example usage of SCORM or eLearning, hosted in Confluence! The latest app by ServiceRocket.

Reporting and Comala Workflow NEW!

Various examples of reports you can build using Reporting and Comala Workflow. All pages are live examples found here.