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Product Demos

Scaffolding Forms

See various examples in creating basic and advanced forms, using various field types like plain text, rich text, number, date, select list and more. Take a look at how Live Templates is used. All pages are live examples found in Scaffolding documentation.

Reporting and Comala Workflow NEW!

Various examples of reports you can build using Reporting and Comala Workflow. All pages are live examples found here.

Example Spaces

Talent Department - Learndot Pathways

A showcase of types of pathways you can create to make the most out of your valuable contents in Confluence.


ACME Corp - IT Knowledge Base

An example of a knowledge base suite, providing users an easy way to create KB articles, categorize and make changes to multiple pages at once using Scaffolding's Live Templates and forms.


Cafe Rockettoria - New Palo Alto Branch Project

An example project management space using Scaffolding templates and forms, as well as building reports and dashboards for project managers.


Secrets Manager NEW!

An example of a Secrets Manager for Confluence administrators that compiles "secrets" such as passwords, sensitive data, and other confidential information stored by users in Confluence using Scaffolding, Reporting, and Security and Encryption.



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How to use this site

Each space provides a collection of live examples, utilizing the features of ServiceRocket add-ons.

To optimize your time here, we recommend you to:

  • Take a look at the pages to see what you can do with the add-ons.
  • Edit the page, or view the source of the page to see how the page was built.
  • Create a page to experiment with the features, or copy a page if you don't want to start from scratch.
  • If available, refer to a documentation link to find out more about the feature.

Take note that this site is refreshed from time to time. You should not expect your authored contents to persist on this site.


While ServiceRocket is not responsible for the contents on the site, please use this site responsibly for the benefit of everyone using it.

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