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Click to try any of our templates below on this DEMO site

Knowledge base template

Knowledge Bases are self-service libraries of information that can quickly provide people the answers they need. For examples, Support teams who need to answer common user questions, can use our How-to Article Template. It comes with a predefined category that can later be incorporated with Reporting for Confluence to provide both ease of setup and tracking of article usage. Other templates include Troubleshooting, FAQ and Style Guide.

Project planning template

Designed to help streamline project planning from inception to completion, these templates address Capacity Planning, Decision Making, Project Plan, Project Status, and Retrospective. 

Team dashboard template

Let’s face it, being organized isn’t always easy. Luckily, Team Dashboard Templates like Meeting Notes, On-boarding, Team Homepage, To-Do List and Weekly Meeting Notes help team members communicate better and stay focused on the most important tasks for the week.

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