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How does this project fit with the strategy?

Add a link to your strategy page


Project owner:

Use the 'user profile' macro

Team members:

Link to your team's space


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Problem space

Why are we doing this?

Problem statement

What problem or need are you trying to solve or fulfil?

Impact of this problem

What's the impact of this problem on our customers and to our business?

How do we judge success?

What are the goals of the project and the success criteria by which they will be measured? (These need to be specific and measurable before moving into make it)

What are possible solutions?

List your high level ideas for possible solutions. (Can be filled out later)


What do we already know?

What data or insights do you have to validate this?

Link to details:

What do we need to answer?

What assumptions are we making that need to be validated or refuted?

What questions will increase our confidence in the decisions we need to make?

What are the gaps in our understanding?

Link to details:

Ready to make it

What are we doing?

What will the project deliver? For example, an elevator pitch or read me.

Why will a customer want this?

It's good to get Product Management or Marketing input here: ad poster, press release, blog post

Link to details:

Visualize the solution

It's good to get Design input here: white board sketches, journey map, end to end demo

Link to details:

Scale and scope

It's good to get Engineering input here: t-shirt size estimate

Link to details:

Learn more: https://www.atlassian.com/team-playbook/plays/project-poster

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